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The Solutions Factory is a software development company specialising in developing tailor made solutions for your business as well as providing off the shelf products that we have developed with clients over the years. We have been developing solutions for a wide range of clients since 1995. We understand the way our clients' businesses operate so can implement solutions that help them improve their day to day processes, rather than imposing an off the shelf solution that forces work-arounds and inefficient business processes.



We have a wide range of products from Property Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Project Management, Venue Management, Finance and Insurance Management, Research Databases, Ecommerce Systems through to Stock Control and Accounting Systems. Please visit our Products page for more details of the systems and the clients that are using them.

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A custom software solution will save you time and money and allow you to run your organisation in the way that suits you, rather than being constrained by some existing software package. It may also give you a edge against your competitors.

We have developed, maintain and support systems for a wide range of clients from small businesses to national organisations such as the Ministry of Defence through to international groups such as GE and Capita.

Developing a custom application to run your organisation is not as complex, expensive and time consuming as you may think.

Please visit our Software Development page for more details of how we can develop a system exactly to your requirements.

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A company's web site is often the first point of contact for any prospective customer; it is therefore a vital asset to any business or venture. The Solutions Factory will work with you to develop a website that specifically suits your business, makes you stand out from the crowd and attracts your clients.

Please visit our Website Design page for more details and examples of sites we have developed.


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