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Several of The Solutions Factory's products include stock control functionality which means that you do not need a separate stock control system to run your business. Your whole business can be run using a single coherent application. We can tailor the stock control system to your exact requirements. The following of our products listed include stock control systems:

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, used by the MOD for highly security sensitive equipment, protected on the military network.





Badges of the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force 

Ministry of Defence

Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Associations

Marine Society and Sea Cadets

The system has around 300 'power' users (plus many more on an occasional basis) on the Military Restricted Internet and is hosted at 14 sites nationally, all synchronised between each other to provide fast access at major sites and high resilience.

GE Enery and Sondex 

GE Energy - Sondex

The system has around 200 'power' users at 10 sites across the UK, Canada, USA, Middle East, Australia & China.

Honeybuns logo. - Makers of delicious cakes.

Replacement Keys: - Providers of replacement keys with an intelligent key finding service.

SBZ - Water skiing equipment suppliers.

Archaeopress - Academic book printers.