British Archaeological Reports

BAR (British Archaeological Reports (Oxford) Ltd) was established in 1974 by Anthony Hands and David Walker. For 17 years BAR produced and published two Series (the BAR British Series, and BAR International Series).


In 1991 Tempvs Reparatvm started publishing the BAR Series in conjunction with British Archaeological Reports (Oxford) Ltd/Hadrian Books Ltd, the Series principal publisher. In time Tempvs Reparatvm was succeeded by Archaeopress and John and Erica Hedges.


For the next 18 years Archaeopress and Hedges successfully grew the output of the two Series by over 2400 titles.


In 2015 British Archaeological Reports (Oxford) Ltd and Archaeopress parted company (the Hedges having retired earlier) with Archaeopress concentrating on its own range of imprints.