About Us

Archaeopress is an Oxford-based publisher run by archaeologists Dr David Davison and Dr Rajka Makjanic. The range of our publications includes monographs, conference proceedings, catalogues of archaeological material, excavation reports and archaeological biographies. Archaeopress is devoted to publishing serious academic work on all aspects of world archaeology, quickly and efficiently. For detailed information regarding our current publishing imprints and full submission guides please see our Publish With Us page or contact David Davison or Rajka Makjanic at info@archaeopress.com

Our History

David Davison MA MPhil DPhil FSA studied history in London and then archaeology at Oxford. He was privileged to be Shephard Frere's last formal doctoral student; his thesis was on the Roman army providing a comparative study of barracks from fortresses, forts and fortlets with an analysis of building types and construction, stabling and garrisons (available here in Open Access).

Rajka Makjanic MA PhD studied archaeology at the University of Zagreb. Her doctoral dissertation was on Terra Sigillata/Samian ware in Pannonia (also available in Open Access). She worked at the Institute of Archaeology in Zagreb for ten years, prior to moving to Oxford.

During the early 1990s both David and Rajka worked at Tempvs Reparatvm, one of the first archaeological consultancies. It is here that they first became involved in the publication of archaeological titles.

In 1997 David and Rajka founded Archaeopress and have been publishing archaeological books ever since with David taking the lead editorial role and Rajka managing production.

The Archaeopress Team

David Davison, Director of Publishing

Rajka Makjanic, Director of Publishing

Patrick Harris, Director, Head of Sales and Marketing


Ben Heaney, Director, Production & Design Manager

Mike Schurer, Editor

Dan Stott, Editorial and Marketing Technical Co-ordinator


Erin McGowan, Production & Design

Victoria Harris, Accounts